Kingshold by D.P. Woolliscroft

I listened to the Kingshold audiobook and really enjoyed it. It is reasonably low on action and very much a political fantasy book. The narration was very well done, however, it did take me a few chapters to work out the different voices for the characters as some sounded remarkably similar to others.

For the first time ever, the city of Kingshold is having an election to decide who rules the country after the king and queen have been deposed due to poor leadership. Thus begins a fight between the nobles to become the new ruler of Kingshold. As you would expect, chaos ensues. There are all types trying to become elected, and there are assassinations, political manoeuvrings and much more.

I really enjoyed the different characters throughout as they grew and worked against the challenges they faced. I particularly enjoyed Alana, a woman from the lower classes who was one of the key players in one party’s election campaign. She was one of the ones who came up with some particularly ingenious ideas and was working to ensure the new leader looked after the poorer citizens as well as the rich.

I did find it a little slow to start off and I wasn’t really properly engrossed in the book until around the 30% mark, but overall I really enjoyed Kingshold. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy:

  • Political Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Slower Paced books

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