We’re Starting A Podcast!

It’s official… The Fantasy Inn is starting a podcast! This has been a while in the making, and we’re excited to share with you our intro episode.

You can visit our RSS feed directly or subscribe to us through iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app. If you’re impatient and want to check out our trailer immediately, you can listen right here:

Accessibility is important to us, so there will always be full transcripts available of our episodes. Hopefully these will be available the same day each episode releases (scroll down for the first one).

We can’t wait to share our future episodes with you. We have a lot of ambitious ideas planned and we think you’ll like what’s coming!


Travis: Hey everyone, and welcome to the very first episode of the fantasy inn podcast. We’ve always said we love shouting about our favorite books to anyone who will listen, and what better way to do that than with a podcast?

Kop: So what will the podcast be about, and how is it any different than The Fantasy Inn blog? Our blog is mainly reviews, with the occasional interview, opinion piece, or Top Books list. We love the format and it works great. The podcast will be broader. Our goal is to release new episodes every other week, and anything that relates to the world of speculative fiction is fair game. 

Sara: We will still do “reviews”, but instead of the relatively formal structure you’ll find on our blog, it’ll be a group discussion between several bloggers. We’ll also still do interviews, hopefully with a variety of different people from all corners of the industry.

Jenia: Since we’re an international team of bloggers across six different time zones, we probably won’t ever all be in the same episode. Instead, we’ll rotate through each episode based on who’s available and interested in a particular topic. 

Travis: I’m Travis, and I’ve been in love with the fantasy genre since I first found my dad’s box of old David Eddings books up in the attic as a kid. I do most of my reading through audiobooks and have been diving into audio dramas recently.

Kop: I’m Kop, an American currently living in Mongolia. The fantasy genre is my favorite, though I tend to like speculative fiction in general. I’m a big fan of anything a bit more experimental. Also, I’ll sometimes read series out of order on purpose.

Sara: Hi, I’m Sara. I go by Sharade on the blog. Don’t ask why, I forgot where that username came from. I’m Moroccan and I live in France. I’ve been consuming fantasy in one form or another for as long as I can remember. I like character focused stories, snark, character development, more snark, romantic subplots and a dash of snark. 

Jenia: I’m Jenia, a Ukrainian living in the EU. I only got back into reading heavily two years ago so I’m still catching up! Fantasy is my go-to genre but I also like historical non-fiction, a bit of romance, and unsurprisingly I guess, immigrant literature.

Travis: We’re excited to share our love of speculative fiction with you in a new format. You can find new episodes by subscribing to us on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you find your podcasts. Our website, TheFantasyInn.com, will have detailed show notes for each episode along with a full transcript. And of course, we’d love to continue the conversations we start in each episode with you on Twitter. You can find us there as @TheFantasyInn. Thanks for listening.


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