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Hi there.

I’m Hiu, and I may or may not be a sentient cabbage. I’m a frankly ridiculous person, and so if you’ve somehow stumbled onto this page and are wondering why you recognise that cabbage-inna-hat avatar, I can only apologise for whatever the hell Thing I subjected you to. And there are a lot of Things.

I’ve been known to shitpost occasionally. I’ve made mash-ups of books using predictive-text algorithms, made lots of shitty book covers and even got one signed for charity, tormented authors with animated, musical book covers (which has happened more than once), done live fantasy book cover creation threads on Twitter, and I am known for continuously shilling the to-be self-published sensation Farmer Clint: Cabbage Mage.

I like fantasy books, and spend an embarrassingly large portion of my life reading and discussing them. Thanks to this blog, I’ve now spend quite a large portion of the last couple of years reviewing them too. The folks over on Reddit’s /r/Fantasy subreddit gave me an award for one of my reviews once… though I guess it wasn’t a typical review.

So, yeah. Ridiculous person. Nightmare human cabbage. I’m a fucking joke, but it’s your own fault for laughing at it.