Review Policy

** Requests are closed at the moment! **

At The Fantasy Inn we love both authors and books, and will be happy to give honest reviews for ARCs and other books as requested by authors. If you are interested in sending a copy of your book to us, please feel free to send us a message on the contact us page. If you send us a description of your book we will fight it out decide who we think has the time and preference for your book.

Please note that we get quite a number of these requests, and as we know that a negative review can be quite damaging in some situations, we will only accept a book if at least one of us are sure that we’ll enjoy it. In addition, we will only accept books that are currently published or have a set publication date; we will not accept any requests to beta-read a debut novel.

We ask that you message us before sending us a book through Amazon as we are spread across 6 different kindle stores, and the assigned reviewer may not be able to access the ebook on their reading device.

Please keep in mind that the reviewers here are very busy, and it may take us several weeks to read and review your book. If you haven’t seen a review for your book yet then we are probably still in the process of reading it.

New, indie, self-pub and established authors are all welcome!