Cover Reveal: The Prince of Cats by D.E. Olesen

The Blurb

To stay alive, Jawad must succeed where all others have failed: he must catch the Prince of Cats. More legend than man, the Prince is draped in rumours. He can steal the silver teeth from your mouth in the blink of a smile. He is a ghost to walls and vaults, he laughs at locks, and Jawad must capture him before powerful people lose their patience and send the young rogue to the scaffold.

Ever the opportunist, Jawad begins his hunt while carrying out his own schemes. He pits the factions of the city against each other, lining his own pockets in the process and using the Prince as a scapegoat. This is made easy as nobody knows when or where the Prince will strike, or even why.

As plots collide, Jawad finds himself pressured from all sides. Aristocrats, cutthroats, and the Prince himself is breathing down his neck. Unless Jawad wants a knife in his back or an appointment with the executioner, he must answer three questions: Who is the Prince of Cats, what is his true purpose, and how can he be stopped?

The Cover


The Tease

Crossing seas, ships from the North plough the waves, using sun and stars to plot a course for the harbour. The camel driver leads the caravan through the desert, aiming for the serai with its promise of rest and water. Whether land or sea, their destination is the same: Alcázar, the Jewel of the Inner and Outer Seas. Alcázar, the City of Coin. Alcázar, where wealth is made by merchants, guarded by mamluks, and threatened by thieves.

The wooden deck creaks each time a pair of sandals crosses it, carrying heavy burdens of dye, incense, and cotton from the ship’s hold. A pair of eyes keep watch. Today, the goods will leave the docks and be stored in warehouses. Tomorrow, they will be sold on the marketplace; tonight, the band of rogues will strike. In Alcázar, thieves are more common than rats – and there is none more infamous, none more rapacious, none more dreaded, than the Prince of Cats.

The Prince of Cats releases on November 26th

Pre-order The Prince of Cats on Amazon, or at Apple, Kobo, and other stores.

The Prince of Cats is written by Daniel E. Olesen and is his second fantasy novel. See more about his works and world at or follow him on twitter at @QuillofAdal.

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